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With the rising cost of living and price fluctuations affecting majority of Malaysians, let us help you save on your groceries. Best of all, you can also earn reward points when you share prices and redeem it for discounts on your next grocery.

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Awesome Features

Our app is developed with the purpose to empower consumers with the information on prices so that they, in turn, could shop smart and get the best possible value for their groceries.


Users can get individual price comparison of the products across multiple store near them.


In order to encourage submissions, users sharing their prices will earn points. Points can be redeemed for attractive cash vouchers with affiliated stores


Get live updates on nearby offers by users switch on their Groceri Go. Offers are exclusive to Groceri users and limited to selected number of users only. So, keep on checking Groceri Go to discover amazing offers that couldn’t be missed.


Discover offers from nearby stores where stores offers discounts on selected items for limited period of time and on first-come-first-serve basis.


Groceri allows merchants to advertise their offers, products and special discounts which will reach to large number of Groceri users to grab these offers.


Redeem your reward points to buy vouchers offered by different vendors & use these vouchers to avail discounts at nearby stores

Search for Products & Compare Nearby Prices

Start search for products and you’ll instantly see which stores have your favorite products with prices at stores nearby to you

Live updates of prices shared by other shoppers just like you

We Compare Prices From All Your Favorite Store

Create your Shopping Bag list in Groceri and know what is the total price at each store. That way, you know how much you will spend every month without any surprises

Get Rewarded

Share prices with other shoppers. Don’t keep it to yourself. When everyone starts sharing prices, everyone benefits by getting up to date cheap prices. When you share prices in Groceri, you earn reward points which you can redeem for cash dan discount vouchers. Now your shopping also becomes more rewarding with Groceri.

About Groceri

Groceri’s open sharing platform makes sharing grocery prices easier, leading consumers to better price discovery and greater savings when shopping for groceries. Let us together build a community of smart shoppers in Malaysia.

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